The Gold Seal exam is going digital, making it easier for exam writers the see their progress and manage their remaining time.

Next month’s Gold Seal exam is going to be the first online exam offered by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). Up until now, the Gold Seal exam consisted of a paper exam booklet, but from October 19 onwards, students will be able to perform the exam on their laptop or select tablet models at VRCA.

Students will be required to bring their own laptop or tablet to the VRCA testing location, as the exam is still supervised. Please note, not all tablets will meet the technical requirements for the exam.

The technical requirements for the online exam are as follows:

  • Monitor: 11-inch or larger laptop or tablet (phones not recommended);
  • Physical keyboard (on-screen keyboards not recommended);
  • Mouse, touchpad or trackball (touchscreen monitors not recommended);
  • Browser: Up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge (Internet Explorer not supported);
  • Wi-Fi: Must be able to connect to local construction association’s wireless access point.

The new exam portal allows exam writers to easily see their exam progress, manage their remaining time, and flag questions for a second look. Additionally, security measures have been added to ensure that students cannot leave the test environment while writing the exam.

The digital format will also allow CCA to mark the exams more quickly.

CCA’s Gold Seal Certification Program is a comprehensive certification program that showcases expertise and commitment to the construction industry and ensures practitioners are ready to meet the demands of construction projects across the country.

For information on the Gold Seal Program, click here. If you have any additional questions, you can email Afsana Akhand at [email protected]