VRCA recently announced several unmet education topics that were revealed during the industry-wide education needs assessment that ran this past summer. Some of the most in-demand education topics included:

  • People Management;
  • Business Management;
  • Lean Construction;
  • Green Building Standards; and
  • Building Information Modelling for Project Managers.

The VRCA Education Department is currently planning several new courses that will explore these topics and provide valuable knowledge and skills for our members.

The education needs assessment not only gave the VRCA insight into unmet education topics, it also provided data on how members would like to receive training. Much of the feedback related to a desire for flexibility in courses, such as shorter classroom durations, on-demand self-paced training and weekend course options.

Members also expressed a need for courses that appeal to a wider level of roles, including managers, supervisors, foremen and owners. VRCA has already launched the first classroom course related to this particular theme, Planning for Foremen.

Consolidated programs were also suggested. These consolidated programs would group together related courses that explore a more robust skill set for a role. For example, a project management program would group together a combination of classroom and online education topics that include:

  • Fundamental Project Management Skills;
  • Microsoft Project;
  • Delegation Skills;
  • Time Management;
  • Communication Skills; and
  • Leadership Skills.

VRCA received feedback on what days of the week, which months, and what locations members prefer for future courses.

In the next six months, members can look for regular communication from VRCA about new courses that are directly linked to the needs that were shared in the industry-wide needs assessment. We have already introduced several new courses based on the outcome of the study such as Planning for Foremen, Microsoft Project and Lean Project Delivery Bootcamp.

If you have any questions about the education needs assessment or upcoming courses, please contact VRCA’s education manager, Andrea Ringrose, at [email protected].