If you haven’t voted in B.C.’s electoral reform referendum, there’s still time. The deadline to return ballots has been extended to the end of this week.

Elections BC must receive completed referendum voting packages by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7.

Voters are encouraged to return their completed voting package in person to ensure it is received by the deadline. Find ballot drop-off locations here.

Voters in the referendum are being asked what voting system B.C. should use for provincial elections. The referendum will decide if British Columbia keeps the current First Past the Post voting system or adopts a proportional representation voting system.

If more than half the votes support First Past the Post on the first question, the voting system will stay the same.

If more than half the votes support proportional representation on the first question, the proportional system with the most support on the second question will be adopted.

Click here to read VRCA’s advocacy page about electoral reform containing additional information and resources about the referendum.