The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) has issued a Consultation Paper on the Builders Lien Act and is seeking feedback from all sectors of the B.C. construction industry and other stakeholders to detailed proposals for changes to the Act.

Read more about the Builders Lien Act Reform Project.

BCLI wishes to hear from all sectors of the construction industry, property owners, building material suppliers, developers, financial institutions, bond providers, engineers and architects, labour organizations, the construction law Bar, and all other stakeholders.

BCLI is requesting that responses to the consultation paper be sent to them by January 15, 2020. The feedback will be considered and final recommendations will be published in a later report.

VRCA will work with the BC Construction Association and other stakeholders to respond formally by the deadline.

BCLI is an independent, not-for-profit society dedicated to the improvement of the law. Their recommendations have no official status and are not binding on government or the legislatures, but are contributions to public debate on matters of law reform and may influence future legislation. BCLI originally initiated its Builders Lien Act Reform Project in response to an invitation from the Ministry of Attorney General to undertake a comprehensive review of the Builders Lien Act.