An updated version of CCDC 11 – Contractor’s Qualification Statement is now available for purchase through the VRCA store.

The 2019 edition of CCDC 11 has been streamlined for a better user experience and includes the following changes from the previous version:

  • The TRIF question has been removed from the table for worker’s compensation information
  • Editorial changes in Appendix C
  • Additional copies of the appendices are now built into the document
  • Instructions to assist users with filling out the Company’s Experience Rate will be available on the CCDC website

There will be a transition period of six months, until June 5, 2020, where we will continue to offer the 2018 edition of the CCDC 11 document.

We are happy to exchange copies of the 2018 edition for the new 2019 document, free of charge. To facilitate this exchange, please contact either Sherry Morrell or Karla Ramirez in VRCA’s planroom.

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The Canadian Construction Association and its regional partners, which includes the Vancouver Regional Construction Association, promote the use of standard construction contracts that are written with simple, easy to understand language because they result in more clarity, more goodwill between the parties, and less legal anxiety.