“From Insight to Job Site”

British Columbia boasts a national reputation for large buildings and infrastructure projects.

But while we build projects “by the book,” we don’t often write new ones. Like all industries, construction must evolve to remain vibrant and competitive into the 21st century. And despite a few standout examples, such as engineered wood projects and high-performance buildings, our industry is not yet fully capturing the benefits of innovation.

We know there is a wealth of talent out there in this industry, smart and creative people who may have a promising new invention or an approach to solving a longstanding challenge. Many may be unaware that there are research and development facilities across the province that can help them move their ideas forward.

That’s why we are developing the Construction Research Network.

The Network will be a central digital inventory of the research and development assets available to help connect architecture, design, and construction sectors with research and development facilities and, eventually, one another.

Facilities in the database might include testing facilities, research labs, technical training institutes, and so on.

We expect industry stakeholders will use the Construction Research Network to access a wide range of facilities and tools, should they wish to develop, model, and test new materials and approaches. The list will be organized in an accessible manner by type of facility or available service, contact information, and more.

We anticipate it will connect construction industry visionaries with people and places that can help them transform their ideas into reality. It will help close the gap between insight and job site—ensuring BC’s construction sector remains competitive and vibrant.

To contact the research team, please email [email protected]