Imagining the Future of Construction

The construction sector in British Columbia and across Canada is at a crossroads. Construction is critical for the economy and society.

In 2016, in consultation with its members and a spectrum of stakeholders from across the construction supply chain and affiliated industries, the VRCA initiated a visioning process to determine what the future of construction could look like. This process identified the importance of industry innovation and the potential for a centralized hub to bring stakeholders together.

The next step in this process is implementing the VRCA’s comprehensive engagement strategy. This will determine the priorities for Canadian construction innovation and test the idea of a Construction Innovation Centre in Vancouver. Some of the elements we are looking for input on are:

  • Programs and facilities that enhance collaboration
  • How to foster a culture of innovation and accelerate learning
  • Ideas surrounding economic recovery in the construction sector post pandemic

Join the conversation:

The industry employs 1.4 million Canadians

Including over 236,000 people in B.C.

Generating a GDP contribution of $141.2 billion nationwide

The construction sector supports the livelihoods of 1 in 10 Canadians