Gear Equipment

Gear Equipment is the sole Canadian Distributor and largest worldwide service provider for RSP-Germany; offering Pneumatic-Vacuum and Hydro-Vacuum Excavation systems that lowers both the cost and environmental impact created by traditional excavations methods.

“Dry-Vac” Excavators use a controlled pneumatic pressure of 110 PSI which allows all underground lines to be uncovered dry, safe, and secure, which means we are utilizing a considerably lower and safer PSI than Hydro-Excavation. “Air-Vac” trucks are also able to excavate more conducive material per hour than Hydro-Excavation due to a powerful 24,000CFM+ Turbine Fan system. When matched with the main advantage of Dry-Dumping Excavated material onsite or into an onsite roll-off bin and returning to work within 15 minutes, Air-Excavation becomes a very cost effective method when compared to the 2 or 3 hour round trips typical of Hydro-Vac disposals.

When excavating in contaminated materials the ability to excavate and transport dry results in cleaner excavations that eliminate contamination seepage, along with Massively reducing total spoil volumes and disposal costs.

Gear Equipment is also an exclusive Canadian Distributor for Mecalac Equipment, a unique brand of European heavy equipment which allows for the replacement of multiple pieces of support equipment in exchange for one Mecalac. The MCR models and others like it brings the abilities of being used as an excavator, a skid steer loader, and a forklift or telehandler all with the flip of one switch from inside the cab.

Gear Equipment will provide VRCA members with:

  • A $720.00 discount on all first time Air-Excavation bookings, using promocode “Air Excavation > Hydro Excavation.”
  • Existing clients may use this one-time discount code on their next Air Excavation booking.
  • Discount codes will only apply to VRCA Members with submitted and approved Credit Applications with Gear Equipment, and for jobs lasting longer than 4 hours, with 2 hours being billable time.


To book your service today, or to have any questions answered, please contact:

Brodie Muench
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 236-335-0750