petrocan - vrca benefits


Control your fleet’s operating costs

Take control of your fleet’s operating costs and have more time to spend on growing your business by signing up for Petro-Canada’s SuperPass fuel card.

SuperPass fuel card benefits

  • Control costs with detailed purchase restrictions on both fuel and non-fuel purchases.
  • PIN protection and exception monitoring help defend against fraud and abuse.
  • Customized reports can be distributed via email to facilitate analysis and save time.
  • Dedicated support from a professional and knowledgeable customer service and sales team.
  • One card provides access to Canada’s largest gasoline and diesel network and works at both retail and cardlock locations.

VRCA members save at the pump

Petro-Canada is offering VRCA members additional savings when they use their SuperPass fuel card:

  • Discount of 3.0 ₵ per litre on gasoline*
  • Discount of 3.0 ₵ per litre on diesel*
  • Save 20% on car washes*
    * Discounts apply only to purchases made at Petro-Canada retail locations.

Apply now! Contact VRCA’s Petro-Canada account manager or download the application below.

(Reference VRCA’s account number – 9939290624 –when signing up to activate the savings. The account number is pre-entered on the application form linked below.)

Paul Fox, Petro-Canada Account Manager
Phone: 604.929.6107
Email: [email protected]