With cell phones being so expensive, unsafe and illegal to use while driving, what is another option for your mobile work force? Let us introduce you to TeamTalk!

TeamTalk is a communication platform for businesses to use within their organization. Instantly communicate to your mobile workers on the road or in the field – ANYWHERE in Canada. Operate quickly and smoothly with TeamTalk to free-up time and spend it where it matters.

Benefits of TeamTalk Communication Network?

  • Communication is IMMEDIATE with the push of a button.
  • Radio ONE-TO-ONE or ONE-TO-MANY. You have the ability to have private conversations or be the choice to keep EVERYONE IN THE LOOP rather than having dangerous silos of knowledge about what is going on not being shared with the team.
  • Radio is SAFE AND IT IS LEGAL – Grabbing a microphone and pushing to talk doesn’t take your eyes off the road or from a critical operation.
  • Radio is VERY COST EFFECTIVE – The equipment can be purchased as a one-time capital expenditure or can be put into your operating budget through creative financing options.

TeamTalk is proud to offer VRCA members a 15% discount off monthly subscriptions and products!

To get a complimentary quote or to have any questions answered, please contact:

Graydon Walsh
Technical Sales Rep.
Office: 250-860-8016
Cell: 778-363-3308
Toll Free: 1-888-860-8016 Fax: 250-860-7477
[email protected]