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WalletCard – Training Records & Certification Compliance Solution

WalletCard has changed the way companies, employees and trainers manage their health and safety documentation. Its user-friendly and scalable web-based solution helps safety teams through the entire compliance and certification record management life cycle: from training to audit.

With WalletCard, occupational health & safety records are easily and automatically updated to reduce the administrative burden of training management. To support compliance, WalletCard sends notifications for employees with missing or soon-to-expire training. WalletCard is truly one of the most important tools a business can have.

Offer: Free access to unlimited cloud storage of workplace certifications & safety records with WalletCard Core.

Offer Details

As a certification management affinity partner for VRCA, WalletCard offers members a complimentary subscription to WalletCard Core, which includes:

  • automated email expiry compliance alerts
  • unlimited uploading & storage of certifications
  • unlimited connected employee accounts
  • unlimited storage of licenses & business documentation
  • unlimited sharing of credentials to contractors
  • B2B record sharing within WalletCard

VRCA members that upgrade to a premium plan will receive three months free.

WalletCard also offers free onboarding training for VRCA members that sign up for the complimentary WalletCard Core or a premium plan.


  • Click here to download our VRCA Member Pricing Sheet
  • Click here to learn more about WalletCard Compliance Monitoring
  • It’s free for employees to create their own WalletCard account and share the information with employers, eliminating the need for them to carry their certification cards.

To Access WalletCard

Go-To: www.mywalletcard.com/vrca. Access Code: VRCA


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