Financing innovation

SR&ED exclusive credit writing

Most Canadian construction businesses are eligible for
investment tax credits (ITCs) offered by the federal
government to offset the cost of innovation and
problem-solving in the construction industry.

Book a free exploratory review with our partner,
Invennt, to find out if you qualify.

What are SR&ED tax credits?

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) provide tax relief to eligible Canadian businesses to offset the cost of innovation.
They are designed to encourage innovation by allowing businesses to reclaim some of the money they have spent on developing new — or improving existing — methods, processes, services and products.
A lot of people think that SR&ED is carried out in laboratories by people in white coats but that is not the case. Qualifying costs are comprehensive. For example, CCI’s partner, Invennt, has found that approximately 97 per cent of their exploratory reviews result in a successful claim. So, whether you’re overcoming specific ground conditions, adapting equipment, creating new processes or developing better, safer, or greener methods of construction, you are almost certainly undertaking SR&ED.

Exclusive initiative to help your firm secure a SR&ED tax credit

Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI), the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) and specialist construction business consultancy, Invennt have partnered to raise awareness and educate businesses in the sector about SR&ED tax relief and help secure your SR&ED claim, funding continued innovation in your firm.

Get a complimentary copy of the SR&ED guide

Through our partnership, we have developed a straightforward guide to help you understand the SR&ED tax credit incentive. The guide explains in simple terms the principles of SR&ED tax credits, demystifies some of the uncertainties that exist around the incentive, and includes examples of successful claims by construction and civil engineering businesses.

Why book an exploratory review?

Not only will you learn more about the SR&ED credit tax relief program, you will gain insight on your firm’s eligibility or what may be necessary to qualify in the future. A commission is paid only should a claim be successful.

Qualifying costs are comprehensive

Invennt does all the legwork that may result in a
hassle-free claim

Capitalize your business and reinvest to grow

The process may reveal innovation you may never knew existed

Even loss-making businesses may
receive a grant

All reviews are no obligation and you can walk away at any time


of exploratory reviews have led to a successful claim*

* based on past success rate with Invennt and does not always guarantee a claim based on exploratory meetings

* All exploratory meetings shall be held with Invennt, as the preferred service provider and the sole entity responsible for this program. The Canadian Construction Innovations (“CCI”),  the Canadian Construction Association (“CCA”), and Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA)  are not parties to this program and shall not be held liable for any claims relating to the involvement of CCI, CCA or VRCA members with Invennt or any exploratory meetings, including but not limited to claims relating to the contents discussed, confidentiality, any agreements concluded with Invennt for SR&ED claims, and any interactions between CCI, CCA or VRCA members and Invennt. CCI, CCA and VRCA do not guarantee any outcomes from the exploratory meeting with Invennt and do not guarantee that exploratory review(s) with Invennt will result in an SR&ED claim. The published success rate of exploratory reviews resulting in SR&ED claims is based on Invennt’s past success rate and is not necessarily reflective of future results.  

Neither CCI, CCA, or VRCA, nor any of its employees, directors, members agents or subcontractors shall be liable for any damages either direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or other damages (including but not limited to financial losses, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of business, and business interruption) arising out of the use of or inability to use this service/program, obtain an exploratory meeting or the content, information or advice provided thereon.