The Competitive Edge –
Growing Your Business in the Future of Construction

Construction is undeniably changing. From significant regulatory changes over the past few years, such as the BC Energy Step Code, to industry trends towards greater digitalization and industrialization. Many challenges – like an aging workforce – and opportunities – like increased urban density and infrastructure development – lay on the horizon.

Recognizing the unique intersection of policy, trends, and the potential for leadership, the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), and the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) are partnering on a series of webinars for leaders in the construction industry.

The Competitive Edge – Growing Your Business in the Future of Construction will be a year-long, six-part series of webinars bringing together trends, opportunities, challenges, and information for the industry.

Attendees of the series will both gain valuable information, and have unique opportunities to discuss key issues

  1. Information, research, and of key policy and regulatory directions, especially those related climate change, relevant to the long-term outlook of Vancouver’s construction industry
  2. Showcase core opportunities for business growth, cost-reduction, or new revenue streams as it pertains to those issue areas
  3. Raise awareness and profile the value of industry resources and programming from ZEBx, BC Housing, and others for the ICI industry among VRCA members

Sign up for the the last session of the Competitive Edge Series on February 10!