The VRCA’s new research project seeks to better understand how new building energy-efficiency standards will play out on the job site.

In the coming years, both the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver will introduce building code changes that will, within a few short years, literally transform the business and practice of construction in the province.
We’re not exaggerating. Some of today’s job functions might become obsolete, while new and exciting opportunities will open up, offering opportunities for skilled tradespersons to carve bold new paths. 
The governments are rolling out the code changes to address the climate emergency. Though we expect the first major code update in 2022, some cities are already starting to require higher performance standards, and manufacturers, developers, construction companies, and labour unions are responding with investments in training and technology.
Between now and this coming fall, the VRCA’s Construction Workforce of Tomorrow project will dig into the nitty gritty. We’ll paint a picture of what these changing building-performance requirements will mean for the men and women who put them together. Check back here often for updates!