The Vancouver Regional Construction Association is host to Canada’s first and only Zero Emissions Building Exchange – ZEBx.

ZEBx is a collaborative platform that strengthens the public, private and civic capacities and passion for zero emission buildings in Vancouver and British Columbia. It is an industry hub that facilitates knowledge exchange to accelerate market transformation.

Why ZEBx?

In 2016, the City of Vancouver released its Zero Emissions Building Plan, which requires most new buildings to be near zero emissions by 2025 and all new buildings to be zero emissions by 2030. In 2017, British Columbia released the BC Energy Step Code, which sets the path for all new buildings to be net zero ready by 2032.

ZEBx is dedicated to supporting the industry through this transition, acting as a catalyst by convening and advancing solutions from leaders and early adopters who are building tomorrow’s buildings today.

How can ZEBx support you?

  1. Developing a Community of Practice: ZEBx facilitates applied knowledge sharing about zero emission buildings through focused dialogues, project tours and demonstrations. Upcoming events.
  2. Fostering Innovation: ZEBx curates resources into accessible and digestible content, including case studies, academic research, industry guides and technology advanced. Discover ZEBx resources.
  3. Collaborating with Partners: ZEBx connects industry to solutions, identifies opportunities, navigates barriers and brokers relationships using its network of partners across government, industry associations, research, trades programs, suppliers and global experts. Request for collaboration.
  4. Listening: ZEBx continuously ensures its work meets the most pressing industry needs by listening to your feedback and identifying knowledge gaps. Share your recommendations.

Founding Partners

ZEBx was founded through seed funding from the City of Vancouver. It is hosted by VRCA, with partners Passive House Canada and OPEN.