Project Nomination Process

Looking to get extra exposure and recognition for your business?
The 2023 Awards of Excellence is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to quality and professionalism!

Watch the video below to learn how to nominate.

1. Review the 2023 VRCA Awards of Excellence Criteria & Conditions to ensure you are eligible to submit your project.

2. *New in 2023* Register your project. All companies must pay $100 per project nomination.

3. Complete the online nomination form.

·       Register an account

·       Create your nomination, include the registration id of your project

·       Include up to three photos of the project

·       Submit by March 31, 2023

4. Prequalification round *New in 2023*Judges will select 5 projects in each category to move forward to presentation round. Prequalified companies will be contacted after April 18th.

5. After April 18, 2023, VRCA will contact the pre-qualified companies to schedule presentation with the judges. Virtual presentation, or site visits with the judges will take place May 29 – June 16, 2023.

6. Use the provided VRCA PowerPoint project template to prepare your submission package, this is due when you meet with the judges between Monday, May 29 – Friday, Jun 16, 2023. 

Please provide VRCA with:

·       Digital copies of your submission package

·       3 – 5 high-resolution project images

7. The judges will determine three Silver Award winners in each category, announced on August 3, 2023.

8. Join us on October 17, 2023, at the Awards of Excellence Gala, where one (1) Gold Award winner in each category will be announced.

2023 VRCA Awards of Excellence Criteria & Conditions



Nomination Period: Project nominations will be accepted online from VRCA members in good standing, between February 1, 2023, and March 31, 2023. 


Deadline: To be considered for the 2023 Awards, nominations must be submitted by 5:00pm Friday, March 31, 2023.  


Project Eligibility Term:

The project must have reached substantial completion between March 31, 2021, and March 31, 2023.   General Contractors may submit nominations provided they have at least one superintendent or full-time construction manager on their payroll throughout the life cycle of the nominated project.  Electrical, Mechanical, Trades, and Manufacturers and Suppliers that are not current VRCA members are eligible only if referred by a General Contractor who is a current VRCA member in good standing.  Once a member company nominates a project, they are not eligible to re-submit the same project.  


*New for 2023* 


  • Nomination Limits: Members are limited to 5 nominated projects per year. Members are encouraged to put forward only their most award-worthy projects.    


  • Prequalification Round: Prequalification is new in 2023. In the prequalification round, judges will determine the top 5 projects in each category. Only these 5 finalists will be asked to present formally to the judging panel. The judges will choose the top 3 – 4 projects in each category as Silver Winners. Companies that do not qualify for the presentation round will be contacted by the VRCA after April 18th.  


  • Photos Required with Nomination: To assist judges in the prequalification round, up to 3 project photos should be submitted. These photos do not need to be high resolution or professional quality. They will be used simply to assist judges in the prequalification round. 


  • Nomination Fee: A nominal fee of $100 for each nomination will be required before online submission. Method for payment is indicated below.  




Please follow the seven criteria listed below when completing your project submission package for the judges. This information is integral in evaluating the merits of your project. 


  1. 1) Financial Performance & Bid Method 

Information sufficient for the judges to evaluate performance versus budget should be included. If performance varied from plan, please include an explanation.  


Include the bidding method used to secure the contract.    


Important Note: Do NOT include actual profit dollars or actual margin. Include general information only.   


  1. 2) Schedule Performance 

Information must be provided to show the project’s schedule data and the actual performance relative to the agreed upon schedule.  


  1. 3) Value Engineering & Innovations  

Provide details on innovative practices or products that were deployed on the project. Include specifics on the improvements and benefits realized, financial or otherwise.  


  1. 4) Challenges & Resolutions 

Outline the challenges or unexpected hurdles that were overcome, and how they were resolved. 


  1. 5) Safety Record 

Include a description of your project’s safety practices and records, including number of first aids and lost time accidents if applicable. Add any other important safety related information. Note the total crew size working under your contract.  


  1. 6) Site Co-Operation 

Include the communications methods/strategies and co-operation among the stakeholders on this project. 


  1. 7) Material Management 

Include the procurement, delivery, and storage of materials for this project. 


Other Conditions 


Patent Rights 

If the nominated project contains any feature(s) which could be protected by patent rights, the submission must be accompanied by written evidence to show that the necessary steps have been taken to secure the requisite legal protection since neither the sponsor of the award nor the Vancouver Regional Construction Association can assume any responsibility for “prior disclosure” in advance of a patent application. 


Trade and Manufacturer & Supplier (M&S) Referrals 

General Contractors are welcome to refer Trades and M&S firms for an award. All referred trade and M&S members are required to submit their own project nomination following the criteria and conditions to qualify for an award.  

Eligibility requirements will apply to all Trade and M&S submissions. 


Judging Process 


1)     A panel of judges appointed by the Board of Directors of VRCA will review all
project submissions.

2)     The 5 finalists in each category will be contacted by the VRCA after April 18, 2023
to schedule a presentation. The format (virtual or site visit) will be at the
discretion of the judging panel. Presentations will take place between Monday,
May 29, 2023 and Friday, June 16, 2023.

3)     The seven criteria listed above are mandatory in all presentations. Nominees may
use the PowerPoint template that will be provided in the prequalification
confirmation email for the presentation. Use of the PowerPoint template is
preferred whenever possible.

o  Presenters who do not wish to use the PowerPoint template are required to provide a 1-page
fact sheet that addresses the seven criteria. Presenters should prepare to
expand on the criteria during their presentation. 

4)     Testimonials are welcome. Nominees are encouraged to list certification or rating programs
such as 
LEED, Passive House, etc. that were
followed on the project. Include any special challenges these programs

5)      Prequalified finalists will be asked to provide VRCA with 3-5
high resolution photos of the nominated project. All photographs submitted
become the property of VRCA. These photographs will be used to promote the
Awards of Excellence, VRCA and the construction industry. Photographs should be
in high resolution eps and jpeg formats. Send your Dropbox invitations or links
to FTP sites to [email protected].

6)     The judges use a point-based system to help evaluate members’ nominations and the
decisions of the judges are final.

7)      The judges reserve the right to reassign entries to the category
they deem fit. Firms with a project that is moved to an alternate category will
be notified in advance of their presentation and will be given the
option to present on either the project as a whole or just the trade
work and value.