Whether you’re buying fuel in bulk and having it delivered to the job site, or filling up at a retail gas station, with VRCA’s newest Affinity Program offerings, members will save on their fuel costs.

VRCA is pleased to introduce Columbia Fuels as the newest Affinity Program partner, offering great service and value on delivered bulk fuels, lubricants and tank rentals.

Columbia is dedicated to ensuring VRCA members feel valued as a customer and receive great service—every time. Members will also enjoy cost savings with Columbia Fuels.

At the same time, Petro-Canada has refined its offer for retail gasoline and diesel sales to help members take control over their fleet’s operating costs so that members can have more time to spend growing their business.

By singing up for Petro-Canada’s SuperPass fuel card, VRCA members will be able to:

  • Control costs with detailed purchase restrictions on both fuel and non-fuel purchases.
  • PIN protection and exception monitoring help defend against fraud and abuse.
  • Customized reports can be distributed via email to facilitate analysis and save time.

VRCA members will also save on gasoline, diesel and car wash purchases made using the SuperPass card at retail locations.

These are just two of the exciting new partners will be adding to the Affinity Program in the coming weeks. Keep watching the Connector for further announcements about improvements to the Affinity Program.

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