ZEBx joined New York City’s Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) on Oct. 30 through a live stream of its “Passive House Towering in NYC” event.

Three architectural firms discussed their mid-rise to high-rise multi-family, commercial and retail Passive House projects that are currently making waves in New York’s building community. Presentations focused on major systems, including building envelope, heating and cooling, ventilation and challenges specific to large-scale Passive House buildings.

Viewers from the ZEBx community had the chance to engage with the panel by submitting their own questions during the Q&A portion of the event.

ZEBx’s network of global experts for zero emission buildings provides a unique opportunity for local industry to connect to the resources and solutions needed to drive innovation in new design and construction approaches.

The success of last week’s pilot event proves a great appetite for this level of engagement, and ZEBx is working to build out more relevant programming to satisfy this demand.

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