Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will soon hit the 25 million passenger milestone and is celebrating with its #YVR25Million campaign. The campaign highlights those who’ve helped YVR become the airport it is today and those helping it continue to improve and meet their growing passenger demand, including those in the construction industry.

Over the next 20 years, YVR will complete 75 major projects, totaling $9.1 billion dollars, with $1.7 billion being spent in the next three years alone. The airport currently has more than 30 active projects underway, ranging from small upgrades to large-scale new builds. These projects will support nearly 2,500 on site jobs and hundreds of offsite jobs, numbers which will increase over the next three years.

There are nearly 70 full-time engineers and related professionals working at YVR overseeing these new projects. More than 746,795 contractor person hours have been worked on construction capital projects there to date, which is the equivalent of approximately eight people working 40 hours a week for their entire working lives (age 20-65).

The airport is proud to say that while a majority of direct economic impacts are realized in the Vancouver area, the total impact will benefit the entire province.

To learn more about the construction projects happening at YVR, please visit their website here.