Start off 2020 right with an exciting new VRCA workshop!

We are pleased to offer this new 2-day workshop on January 20 and 21, called Mental Health First Aid. With research showing that one in three Canadians are impacted by mental health problems at some point in their lives, you most likely have friends, colleagues, or loved ones who have experienced this.

While thousands of people across the country know how to provide first aid to someone with a physical injury, far fewer people can recognize the signs of someone needing mental health first aid. This 12-hour workshop provides general information about what is meant by mental health problems and illnesses, how to identify signs of mental health problems in yourself and others, effective interventions and treatments, and how to support an individual and help them find out about and access the professional help they may need.

For a more detailed outline of the content, or to register, please click here.