Contractors wanting to understand how B.C.’s Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) will be applied may find the answers they need in an updated Contractor & Subcontractor Q and A document produced by B.C. Infrastructure Benefits Inc. (BCIB).

The updated Q&A, which was posted recently to a redesigned BCIB website, provides answers to several questions VRCA members have asked since the Crown corporation produced its first FAQ after appearing at VRCA’s inaugural Infrastructure Series event in June 2019.

For example, in June 2019, VRCA members asked “What ability will a specialized contractor have to bring its entire (specialized) crew onto a CBA project?”

BCIB’s updated Q&A document confirms:

  • If the contractor is providing work that the appropriate affiliate union is not able to provide qualified individuals to perform, it is considered a specialty application and they can receive a permit.
  • In addition, an Enabling Agreement for specific projects allow certain aspects of the work on the Project to be performed by Name Hires that contractors and subcontractors may identify in addition to those already allowed by the CBA.

BCIB’s website features additional information for Contractors and new documents on its Reporting and Resources page, including its 2020/2021 – 2022/23 Service Plan that outlines the organization’s priorities, objectives and key measurables.

As of this writing, BCIB is yet to publish a harmonized CBA that integrates the changes to the original agreement made via the three errata BCIB has signed with the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council since February 2019. This means that contractors wishing to understand the current state of the agreement must still read the original agreement followed by the three errata in sequential order.

While the BCIB presentation materials and FAQ from last June’s Infrastructure Series event are no longer listed on BCIB’s website, the resources remain available. Download BCIB presentation materials and Q&A document.

If VRCA member companies have further questions about the CBA after reviewing the updated Q&A document, please email David Weir, Manager, Industry and Government Relations, so that we can raise those questions with BCIB.