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The Site Visit Podcast

The Brand of Construction – Hosted by James Faulkner



Chris Atchison – President of British Columbia Construction Association

Geoffrey Beukema  - Vice President, Houle Electric

Paul Demeule – Vice President, Modern Niagara


Podcast Discussion Topics

  • What is the Brand of Construction? How do we control a Brand?
  • We have a labour shortage problem at the top of the funnel  - What is driving
  • Construction, the next bastion of innovation
  • What we can do to put the Swagger back into Construction


About The Site Visit Podcast

James Faulkner is the founder and CEO of SiteMax Systems, a Canadian construction tech company providing a desktop and mobile platform for field and office management and construction. He is also the founder and host of the SiteVisit, a podcast dedicated specifically to construction with over 100 episodes interviewing the finest leaders. Prior to SiteMax, James spent the previous 10 years leading his brand strategy company, Faulkner Brand. During this tenure, in 2006 he invented and developed “Employer Brand”, a Canadian initiative to research, define and create the meaning of the worklife brand. He and his national team created campaigns for Cineplex Theatres, Manulife Financial, The Cooperators, Harvey’s Restaurants, Milestones, Montana’s, Century 21 Canada and a number of construction companies in Vancouver. His work was to find and create strategies for what it meant to work in these organizations.

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Breakfast buffet in the Fairmont McDonald Foyer.


Opening Remarks from VRCA President Jeannine Martin, and Indigenous Blessing from the Squamish Nation – Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre.

Session 1: Opening Keynote

The View from the Top: Harnessing the Power of Shared Human Values

David Allison – Human Values Expert, Bestselling Author, and Founder of the Valuegraphics Project


In the construction industry, understanding and harnessing the power of shared human values has never been more essential. Once we know what people value, navigating the peaks of industry challenges and opportunities becomes not just a goal but a journey enriched by the values we share. 


Drawing from nearly a million surveys across the globe, David Allison offers a revolutionary perspective on how the construction industry can transform its approach to talent attraction and retention. His keynote dives deep into the heart of what truly motivates and engages employees in the construction sector. Forget traditional demographic markers like age, gender, or job title; it’s our shared human values that drive behaviour, shape decisions, and foster a sense of belonging and purpose.


Key Takeaways:

  • – Discover the ‘Power of Values’ of the construction industry workforce. Learn which values are universally shared among people in our field and how recognizing these can dramatically improve team cohesion, motivation, and productivity.
  • – Strategic Application of Human Values Data: Get practical strategies for using shared values to attract the right and ensure a harmonious and dynamic workplace culture.
  • – Engagement Through Values: Understand how to use the “Three Telltale Questions” to uncover the unique values of your team members. This knowledge enables targeted, values-driven approaches to employee engagement, fostering a workplace where every individual feels valued and understood.
  • – Transformative Leadership: Equip yourself with actionable insights and leadership strategies that align with the intrinsic values of your team. Learn how to inspire trust, loyalty, and unparalleled performance through a values-first leadership approach.


Session sponsor:


Coffee and snacks in the McDonald Foyer.

Session 2

Toolbox Presentations: The Future of Construction

Form Follows Function with AI in Construction


Victoria Beaton - Timescapes Canada


Louis Sullivan's iconic phrase "Form follows function" finds a modern resonance in the realm of AI in construction. Just as architectural design should prioritize functionality, AI tools in construction must be purpose-built to address industry challenges effectively. This session explores how integrating AI into construction workflows enhances project management and decision-making processes. Using real-world examples, we'll delve into how innovative construction companies are leveraging AI to revolutionize traditional practices. From capturing impartial visual data on site to automating contract analysis, learn how AI is transforming construction by providing practical solutions to field teams and driving efficiency across the organization. Join us to discover how to harness the power of AI to unlock insights, streamline processes, and pave the way for future advancements in construction.


Victoria Beaton is a dynamic leader in the construction technology industry, renowned for her expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and efficiency. With a background in construction technology and a fervent drive to advance the field, Victoria has played a pivotal role in spearheading the adoption of AI and construction technology solutions across diverse construction sectors in North America. Her passion for innovation fuels collaborations with construction companies throughout the country, pioneering the integration of AI technologies on job sites, spanning from infrastructure projects to residential developments.


As an active member of the VRCA YCL Executive Committee, Victoria contributes to shaping the industry's future. Her expertise lies in highlighting the transformative potential of AI in construction, emphasizing the importance of selecting technology and AI tools that align with project management and decision-making processes, prioritizing functionality above all. Drawing parallels between architectural principles and technology integration, Victoria underscores the significance of data-driven strategies tailored to the construction landscape. Eager to engage in discussions about the future of AI in construction and the profound impact of data, Victoria welcomes opportunities to explore the transformative power of innovation in the industry.


Session Sponsors:

Safety Was, Safety Is, Safety Will Be


Richard Dulong - OHS Consulting / External Auditing Services
Northern Sun Safety Inc. (NSSI)


Richard will briefly discuss and navigate the history of safety, where it is now, and what is in store for health and safety in the future.


Richard is a successful and independent OHS Consultant where he has been practicing in the occupational health and safety field for almost 20 years.


His experience stems primarily from the commercial construction industry in both Alberta and BC. In this capacity, he has worked both in the field and in a corporate role as an OHS senior manager.


Since 2007, he has honed his craft as an external consulting COR auditor in BC for the BCCSA, AgSafe BC, as well as the ACSA in Alberta. His auditing experience has given him the opportunity to conduct QAQC audit reviews with the BCCSA as well as conduct WIVA audits for WorkSafeBC.


Richard was part of a team of professionals who participated and contributed to the BCCSA’s NCSO program at its inception and is also acknowledged as a lead instructor with the BCCSA and has been since 2015 providing training for the NCSO program.


He is a graduate (with distinction) of the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate program from the University of Alberta, has earned his NCSO designation in both Alberta and BC and proudly holds his professional designation of CHSC, earned through the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE).


Richard previously enjoyed a career in broadcasting as a radio announcer (music show host) and can still be heard over the internet airwaves as the cofounder and cohost of the podcast “Safety Debris” on the Podbean platform.


Session Sponsors:

Offsite Construction


Craig Mitchell - Principal, BlackBox Offsite Solutions and Project Development Lead, 720 Modular


Craig Mitchell is passionate about modular and off-site construction.  He has spent the last decade in senior management roles in the permanent modular construction field working with clients in both Canada and the US.  He has been part of teams that have delivered hundreds of temporary and permanent modular buildings worth nearly $1 Billion including a number of ‘firsts’ in the use of modular construction in Canada.


He is currently the Principal of his offsite construction advocacy company - BlackBox Offsite Solutions and the Project Development Lead for 720 Modular, a leader in modular project execution.  He has held board roles with both the Modular Building Institute (MBI) and with the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), where in 2022, he served as Chair of the Board of Directors at the VRCA. 


Often called upon by media to provide his insights on the adoption of offsite and modular construction in Canada, he also authored “The State of Prefabrication in Canada” in 2022. He welcomes any conversation about how to leverage the power of offsite construction toward achieving high-performance targets in construction.


Session Sponsors:


Lunch buffet in the McDonald Foyer.

Session 3

Building Together: Unveiling Collaborative Contracts – Collaborative Contract Models

Join us for “Building together: Unveiling Collaborative Contracts,” a dynamic session designed to revolutionize your approach to contracting in the construction industry.
Discover the power of collaborative contracting as we delve into various models such as Alliance, IPD, and Progressive Design-Build, tailored specifically for the BC construction market. Whether you’re a general contractor or a subcontractor from any trade discipline, this session promises to equip you with essential insights.
Uncover the commercial mechanics behind these models, addressing common concerns about project duration and repetitive estimations. Gain clarity on why collaborative contracts aren’t just a buzzword but a game-changer in project efficiency and success.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your contracting strategies and foster true collaboration in your projects. Join us and let’s build together towards a brighter future in construction.


Hosted by Brian Maksymetz – P. Eng., Lead Consultant at Better Projects Incorporated


Brian Maksymetz, P. Eng. has over 30 years of project delivery experience working for the Owner, the Designer, and the Contractor in civil infrastructure and energy sector projects across Canada, with US and international experience as well.


Brian’s work at Better Projects Incorporated is helping Project Owners work better with their Contractors and Designers while coaching some Mechanics of Collaboration™ to teams for more successful project outcomes for ALL parties on a construction project.


Better Projects Incorporated


Session Sponsor:


Transition to panel session – time to stretch your legs!

Session 4

Collaborative Contracts in Action Roundtable

Hosted by Brian Maksymetz – P. Eng., Lead Consultant at Better Projects Incorporated



Jeff Good  – Vice President, Projects and Corporate Affairs at Infrastructure BC

Jeff Good is Vice President at Infrastructure BC, with a focus on the health and social infrastructure sectors. Jeff brings a strong finance, capital markets and procurement background to projects with Infrastructure BC’s involvement. Jeff has been involved in the planning and procurement of projects in the health, transportation, and water treatment sectors. Prior to joining Infrastructure BC, Jeff worked at the Credit Union Central of British Columbia (CUCBC, now Central 1 Credit Union) as a Financial Risk Management Analyst. Jeff played an active role in all matters of investment policy compliance and management of CUCBC’s $3.5 billion dollar (CDN) portfolio. In addition, Jeff has worked at Toronto-Dominion as a Trader, and at National Bank Financial as an Investment Advisor. Jeff has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Finance Major from Simon Fraser University. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder and past executive member of the board of the CFA Victoria society.


Derek Fettback – Vice President of Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd.


Vice President of Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. since 2021, Derek joined WPE in 1997 as an apprentice, progressing through his career by managing a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and utility projects. Throughout his tenure, Derek has acquired vast expertise in project management, estimating and cost controls, and developing long-lasting client relations.


Sharing his more than 25 years of electrical construction experience, Derek serves as board chair for both the Vancouver Regional Construction Association and the Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia. He holds master electrician and project management certifications from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, is Professional Gold Seal Certified (PGSC), a Red Seal Security Installer and Electrician, Crane Safe certified operator, and has undergone electrical trades training at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Craig Enns – Senior Vice President and Area Manager – Pacific Region at EllisDon


Craig’s career with EllisDon spans nearly 18 years, beginning in the Engineering department. With a background in structural engineering and a broad array of construction experience, Craig was well-equipped to help grow the British Columbia office from its inception in 2007 to where it is today. In 2019, Craig was appointed as the Senior Vice-President and BC Area Manager, where he is responsible for EllisDon’s business operations in the province, totaling over $1B in revenue and a team of nearly 400 salaried staff.


Craig’s expertise and dedication to his work have earned him a reputation as a true leader in the industry. He takes a fair and firm approach to his work and is well-established in the local industry. Craig combines professional acumen with a focus on relationships, which has allowed him to understand the needs of his clients and work tirelessly to meet those needs.


Craig’s extensive contract management experience includes P3, design-build, lump sum, construction management, GMP, and pre-construction contracts in institutional, commercial, and residential sectors. His strong technical background and professional integrity provide him with a solid foundation for delivering successful projects.


In 2021, Craig was named as one of On-Site + Site Partners 40 Under 40 in Canadian Construction list, a testament to his leadership skills and dedication to the industry. Craig is also an active member of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s Campaign Cabinet and supports local charities such as Covenant House Vancouver. He has participated in the Covenant House Executive Sleepout for the last three years and has helped raise an impressive amount of money for the organization.


Craig is an integral part of the EllisDon team, and his leadership and expertise will continue to drive success in the British Columbia office and beyond.


Outside of his role as Senior Vice President and Area Manager – Pacific Region, Craig is a proud husband, and father to four boys. In his personal life, Craig enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his passions for sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter.


Session Sponsor:


Coffee in the McDonald Foyer.

Session 5

Digging Deeper: The Realities and Real Talk About Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce.

Sponsorship and Mentorship for a diverse workforce – appealing to diverse employee candidates and building an inclusive and welcoming workplace. A Dialogue on attracting women and diverse people to the industry.


Panel hosted by Craig Larkins – Director of Advocacy and Engagement at VRCA


Prior to joining VRCA, Craig Larkins worked in newsrooms across the country including CBC and Global news. After nearly 15 years in the media industry, Craig made the jump into the political ring, where he was the Director of Communications for four MLAs in Manitoba. Outside of the world of politics, Craig instructed a digital marketing course at a university in Winnipeg. Craig brings a wealth of media and government relations knowledge and experience to the VRCA.



Anna Lary M.Ed. FSR Class B – Master Electrician and Instructor at BCIT


Anna (she/her) is a Master Electrician and an Instructor in the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She is an activist promoting equity in the trades, working on various national working groups to advance the recruitment and retention of equity-priority trades workers. Anna is passionate about the electrical trade and about supporting apprentices in their career paths. Anna brings with her empathy and understanding, fostered by her past experiences with the biological and social realities of being a woman in almost exclusively male workplaces. Anna’s work includes curriculum development, peer mentorship, and support.


Alyson Gregoire – Project Manager at Etro Construction


After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Guelph in 2015, Alyson initially started her career in the hospitality industry. After becoming involved with a $110M renovation project at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, she found her interest sparked and went on to gain her Project Management certification. Her first role was as a Project Coordinator for Marriott, working on the Vancouver Parq Casino & Resort project. This led her to ETRO, where she officially transitioned in 2019. Initially working as a Project Coordinator on projects in the $1-2M range, Alyson has broadened her knowledge and experience over the last five years. As a Project Manager her experience now includes projects ranging from $12-45M, including the currently underway Oakridge Time Out Market Food Hall. Through the duration of her time at ETRO, Alyson has taken a leadership role in standardizing company processes. Her exceptional ability to organize and look ahead, in combination with her innate drive to excel and succeed make her not only an asset to the ETRO team, but a strong female mentor for the next generation of builders.


Jhon Nunez – Co-Founder at JPD Contracting


JPD Contracting & Staffing is a committed company that Jhon co-founded in 2020, offering quality trades and manpower supply to various clients in Greater Vancouver. With over 5 years of experience in the construction industry, Jhon has developed strong negotiation, marketing, and teamwork abilities that enable him to deliver exceptional service and results.


Jhon is also passionate about helping professionals advance their careers through JPD, leveraging his extensive network and knowledge of the labor market. Jhon matches employers and employees based on their needs and potentials, supporting individuals and organizations in recognizing and achieving their true potential. Jhon’s mission is to provide solutions that benefit both the clients and the candidates.


Holynde Smiechowski – Project Manager at PCL Construction


As a leader at PCL, Holynde’s career has spanned 12 years, from starting as a new hire, who was green going into the construction industry, to now leading megaprojects in diverse sectors across the Westcoast. She has successfully turned concepts on a piece of paper into the real thing, with a portfolio of builds ranging from health care to commercial, to entertainment and civil infrastructure. Which is complimented by her extensive experience with contract management and a passion towards technology adoption in the industry.  Having recently completed construction on The Post in downtown Vancouver, Holynde is now leading the way to ensure the successful completion of a wastewater treatment plant. Her firsthand experiences have built Holynde to be a passionate leader and an advocate to promote women in construction. Her purpose continues to focus on inspiring others to remain curious and being intentional to challenge one’s mind that anything is possible.  She has a personal motto of trying to make 2 + 2 look like 5.


Carla Visscher Hensel – BCIT Ironworker Apprentice


Carla’s previous education is in graphic communications technology and sustainable business. Her goal was to help communicate new and sustainable initiatives within industries. During the 2020 pandemic her career took a turn into support work at an Indigenous run transition house. Working within 1st and 2nd stage housing facilities, she gravitated towards general handy work, eventually finding herself in a maintenance and driving position. In the fall of 2021 she took the trades discovery programs at BCIT. Since then she has been furthering a career in the steel trades, on the tools, and as an advocate and trailblazer for equity in the workplace.


Transition to 1:1 session – time to stretch your legs!

Session 6

Successful Negotiations – Don’t Overlook the Fundamentals 

Dr. David Hannah – SFU Beedie School of Business & UBC Sauder School of Business


David R. Hannah is a Professor of Management and Organization Studies at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. An award-winning researcher and teacher, he received his PhD from the University at Texas at Austin. He has worked with companies in many different industries including forestry, construction, agriculture, high-technology, retail, development, and healthcare. His research over the past two decades has shed light on how people navigate a variety of workplace dilemmas. His recent research focuses on the unique challenges involved in work that shapes the natural world; finding meaningfulness in one’s work.
Session Sponsor:

Free Time

Free time to explore the Fairmont Hotel, or the town of Whistler!


Dinner and live bursary auction at the Fairmont Woodland’s Terrace!

Dinner Sponsors:





Breakfast buffet in the McDonalds Foyer.

Session 7

Leadership Summit Sessions: Navigating the Terrain of Leadership Growth

Leader as a Coach


Learning Outcomes:

• Develop an understanding of coaching principles and their application.
• Differentiate between coaching and other forms of engagement (e.g mentoring).
• Explore how coaching can be an effective tool for employee engagement, development and retention.
• Acquire practical skills and tools to apply coaching principles in real-world leadership and team management scenarios.


With nearly two decades of experience in leadership development and shaping People & Culture agendas for companies across Canada and the USA, Polina Kouzmina's career focus has been on scaling organizations for growth, developing talent and guiding organizations and their people through change.  Currently, as Founder at Thriveworks, Polina leverages her extensive background to drive a thriving leadership coaching and strategic HR consultancy practice. Her mission is to inspire positive change and growth for individuals, teams, and the organizations they are a part of.


Polina Kouzmina - HR Strategist & Leadership and Team Coach


Join us for Leader as a Coach, an interactive workshop where we'll dive into the power of coaching as a leadership tool. Discover how to cultivate trust, improve communication, and motivate your team using active listening and powerful questioning. Coaching Skills are now some of the most sought-after abilities as leaders who coach effectively are able to better inspire innovation, foster connections, develop confidence and empower their teams. This session will invite you to think differently and enhance self-awareness.

Succession Planning: A Blueprint for High Performing Organizations


Succession planning is a critical aspect of organizational development, ensuring continuity, stability, and growth. As Jim Collins, the author of "Good to Great," aptly puts it, the cornerstone of high-performing organizations lies in "getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus... and the right people in the right seats." This encapsulates the essence of succession planning: strategically identifying, developing, and aligning talent to propel the organization forward.


Many leaders rely on someone’s experience, current performance, and their own intuition rather than taking a deeper dive into what makes people successful at different levels. Many aren’t aware of a scientific model that provides insight into what it takes to be successful in different roles. In our session, we'll delve into the components that contribute to high performance within a position. We'll introduce a validated model to define and assess high performance in roles objectively. Participants will gain insights into evaluating an individual's potential to take on greater responsibilities over time, mitigating risks associated with placing individuals in key positions.


Our goal is to provide actionable insights that you can apply directly to your organizations. Presentation slides summarizing key points and models will be provided for attendees, ensuring lasting impact beyond the session.


We hope to equip you with the tools and insights needed to build resilient and thriving teams, poised for continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry.


Fraser Engel - Vice President, Talent Management Solutions, Vancouver Office


Fraser’s 30 years of business experience encompasses roles in sales and executive management, eight years with an international risk management firm and the last twenty-two years managing his own consulting practice.


His unique academic background encompasses a B.A. (Economics) from the University of Victoria, a Certified Professional Coach designation from The Coaches Institute, extensive training in Behavioral Assessment & Psychometrics and Organizational Relationship and Systems Coaching through The Centre for Right Relationship and Team Coaching International.


Fraser serves a wide range of clients in many sectors including:

  • - Engineering / legal / accounting
  • - Financial / health / educational
  • - Business to Business / retail / energy / mining / construction
  • - Entrepreneurial – high tech / communications / real estate / advertising


Fraser offers his clients a combination of abilities, including his insight into personality, systems theory and human performance.   He has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations improve their business results and effectiveness through his consultancy, facilitation and coaching with a specific focus on succession / strategic planning, hiring / selection, career transition, performance management and executive and team coaching.


Mike Moreau - President at Concord Consulting


Mike Moreau is the President of Concord Consulting, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Their consultancy focuses on strategic/operational planning, human resources development, and organizational effectiveness. For over 30 years the business has helped entrepreneurs expand their organizations by incorporating specific tools, processes, and leadership training to facilitate growth.


Mike has also acquired unique insight into how personality impacts performance. He uses this insight to help organizations improve hiring, build more effective teams, and in turn make more productive organizations. In the ongoing challenge of how to best align and manage people, Mike’s insight has provided clarity to leaders on the people decisions they make.


Mike has been invited to speak at numerous CEO forum groups, academic, medical, engineering, and HR associations and academic institutions. He has worked with clients in numerous industries, from manufacturing to construction, finance, professional firms, hospitality, NFP and more. He has had the opportunity to engage and train thousands of leaders and managers throughout North America and in Australia.


In addition to the above, Mike is involved with the Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) and the U of A Venture Mentoring Service. He is also actively involved in the community as a hockey coach and enjoys a variety of sports and outdoor activities in his spare time with his wife and three boys.

Managing Difficult Conversations with Resilience


Learning objectives:

  • - Explore what makes conversations so difficult (neuroscience)
  • - How to communicate in difficult conversations to increase the likelihood that you will be heard
  • - Learn strategies for preparing and leading difficult conversations



Icebreaker Wordle (MentiMeter ) – What 3 words come to mind for you when you think about having to initiate a difficult conversation?


Key topics:

  • - What makes conversations difficult & what variables are at play?
  • - What are the risks of NOT having a difficult conversation?
  • - How you deliver/ communicate the message is key: (Experience cube Exercise)
  • - Triggers & neuroscience (fight/flight)
  • - The importance of managing yourself
  • - Active Listening
  • - Model to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • - Break out to practice model to lead a difficult conversation
  • - Reminder: What NOT to do


Conclusion: What’s 1 takeaway?




Emilie McIver MA, PCC - Senior Consultant


As a Senior Consultant with Gallagher, Emilie brings over 15 years’ experience in human resources, specializing in the areas of talent acquisition, career development, performance management and leadership coaching. Emilie offers strategic human resources expertise and thrives in coaching clients and helping them build awareness regarding opportunities to best overcome challenges. Her authentic communication and curiosity enable her to ask stimulating questions that present new alternatives aligning to career development and maximizing personal success.


Emilie is also dedicated to her personal coaching and HR consulting practice where she specializes in leadership development coaching, consulting with various organizations and designing tailored HR programs as well as facilitating a variety of workshops that support employee and leadership learning. 


Emilie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the John Molson School of Business in Montréal, a postgraduate diploma in Organizational Development with Université Laval and a master’s degree in leadership (MA) with Royal Roads University. Emilie McIver is also a credentialed coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is the former President of the ICF Board for the Vancouver Chapter.


Based in Vancouver but originally from Montreal, Emilie is fluently bilingual and delivers coaching and workshop facilitation in both French and English.


Tim Dougan - Client Relationships Lead, Horn Sales & Leadership Development


Tim passionately leads the Client Relationships team at HORN Sales and Leadership Development, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services. Tim is a deeply experienced sales Leader, consultant, and learning professional, equipped with many years of business experience with a wide range of companies and industries. He understands business direction and how to improve performance of leaders, teams, and individuals. He genuinely enjoys helping clients determine areas of performance improvement and is creative in identifying solutions that drive lasting behaviour change and achievement of business goals.


Tim’s learning and development expertise is informed by over 25 years of direct experience in the learning field. Prior to HORN, he held several leadership roles at CIBC, consulting positions with IBM serving the Financial Services Sector, as well as facilitation, design, consulting, and front-line roles with TD Canada Trust.

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Session 8: Closing Keynote

Navigating the Peaks of Leadership: Establishing Trust and Building Teams That Last

Angus Reid – CLF Grey Cup champion, & Best Selling Author


Angus recently retired from professional football after playing 13 years for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. The Richmond Born native who went to Vancouver College before attending Simon Fraser University played in 200 professional games placing him in the top 5 all time for games played by a BC Lion. Throughout his career, Angus has been a 3-time all-star, 2-time Grey Cup Champion and 5-time team captain.


Today, Angus travels North America speaking with companies, schools, and teams about what it really takes to make it, to win, and create an elite championship culture. He has done two successful TEDx talks, “Why We Need High School Football” and “Mastering the Skill of Trust” which have garnered him both praise and respect and has just recently released his first book – Thank You, Coach – which immediately became an Amazon bestseller.


Keynote Session Sponsor:

Thank you for attending the 2024 Construction Leadership Forum!


Attending the Construction Leadership Forum supports your professional development and will earn you 3 points towards the CCA Gold Seal Certification Program!