Standard Documents and Processes

Standard Documents

VRCA, working with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and BC Construction Association (BCCA), helps contractors simplify the way they conduct business and save time and money with standard contract documents that are up-to-date, easy to understand and familiar to all parties.

CCDC and CCA Documents CCA, through the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC), has developed a series of standard construction documents that are endorsed by the construction, engineering and architectural communities and are highly respected documents, contracts and guides. VRCA members are encouraged to use CCDC and CCA documents at every opportunity.

BCCA worked with the Provincial Government to develop B.C.-specific supplementary conditions to CCDC standard contracts. These are:

CDBI Documents One of the objectives of the Canadian Design-Build Institute is to recommend best-practices policies and procedures to support design-build utilization. CDBI developed a practice manual that provides guidance and recommendations on the successful delivery of design-build projects.

BCCA Recommended Guidelines for Design Build BCCA’s Recommended Guidelines for Design Build supplement those of the Canadian Design-Build Institute’s, Design Build Manual and the requirements as set out under CCDC 14 and 15.


BCCA Recommended Guidelines for Selection of a Project Delivery Method These guidelines define the varying methods that an Owner may choose when planning a project, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Introduction to Integrated Project Delivery 2018 This guide introduces Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), which is a form of procurement that utilizes a project team led by the builder and assembled very early in the process as early as the schematic design phase.

Procuring Innovation in Construction This report lays out the case for the sector to recognize the procurement process as the key for driving innovative projects and sector development.

Public Private Partnerships BCCA supports the principles of private/public partnership for procurement or provision of public infrastructure so long as acceptable standards of practice relating to the competition process are maintained.

BCCA Guideline: Procurement Pre-Qualification Checklist 2017 BCCA and the four regional associations recognize the need for Pre-qualification in limited circumstances. Generally, the ability of the contractor to secure the necessary bonds is the sole criteria by which contractors should be pre-qualified. Where it is deemed through the use of the Pre-Qualification Best Practice Checklist that a pre-qualification is appropriate, the use of the CCDC 29 A Guide to Pre-qualification should be implemented to ensure a fair, open and transparent pre-qualification process, for General Contractors and Trade Contractors.

BCCA Recommended Guidelines for Mandatory Site Visits

Public Construction Council of British Columbia The Public Construction Council of B.C. promotes the relationship between B.C.’s construction industry and the government ministries, agencies and crown corporations operating within B.C. It has created a list of Recommended Procedures, Stipulated Price Bid Documents, Pre-Qualified Guidelines and Standard Documents.

Capital Asset Management Framework Guidelines

Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

Additional resources

BC Construction Project Close Out Procedures This document recommends standard procedures to facilitate the closing stages of a construction contract and the close out of the project.

BCCA Guide to the Builders Lien Act

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