VRCA Large Format Print & Scan Services

Did you know? We offer large-format scanning and printing in-house for blueprints.

Scanning (full colour):

  1. Bring your blueprints to the planroom at the VRCA office
  2. Our team will scan your large format documents on
    our KIP 2300 Scanner in full colour
  3. We can email the scanned files to you, OR
    save them onto your USB flash drive
  4. Same-day scanning services are available upon request

Printing (black & white):

  1. Email your PDF files to the planroom team, OR
    bring your files on a USB flash drive for us to download.
  2. Our team will print your large-format documents
    on our KIP 7770 Printer in black & white
  3. VRCA will notify you when your order is available for pickup.
  4. Same-day printing services are available upon request.


Scanning service in colour:
2’ x 3’ (24 x 36) $1.20 per page
3’ x 4’ (36 x 48) $2.10 per page
Printing service in black & white:
2’ x 3’ (24 x 36) $1.20 per page
3’ x 4’ (36 x 48) $2.10 per page

For more information, call 604.294.3766. Please note Print & Scan services are available between 9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday.