Awesome progress continues at Westbank Corp’s massive Kensington Garden’s project on Kingsway. Designed by Henriquez Partners Architects, it’s being built by VRCA – Vancouver Regional Construction Association member Icon West Construction Corp. The project consists of three distinct 14 storey buildings linked by an elevated landscaped courtyard. When completed this year the project will consist of 404 residential units, 597 underground parking stalls & a T & T Supermarket.

Making it happen for Icon West are Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation 2013 Inc, HVAC Systems & Solutions, LMS Reinforcing Steel Group, BelPacific Excavating & Shoring LP, JR Trory & Co, Procore Technologies, Allstar Mechanical Group, Allwest Electric Ltd., Whitewater Concrete Ltd, CCI Group, Starline Windows, Rutland Glass Co, Coastal Floors, Mega Cranes Ltd, DIALOG, Modu-Loc Fence Rentals LP, CORIX Group of Companies, Moscone Bros Landscaping, Vedder Steel amongst others.

Thanks PM Jason Smith, Superintendents Victor Larichev (structural), Victoria Collison (Finishing) & John Gillespie as well as the entire Icon West team for a superb job thus far. Gratitude to Victor Larichev for an awesome tour.