BuildForce Canada has produced a free Performance Benchmarking Self-Assessment Tool designed to assist construction and maintenance employers measure their organization against a specific set of recognized best practices.

In addition, you will be able to compare your organization’s efforts against other construction and maintenance employers. From the results of the self-assessment tool you will also be able to identify areas for continuous improvement.

The self-assessment tool is designed to be completed either individually by a member of your management team or in a collaborative setting. Consider bringing your leaders/managers together to work through the tool and take time to discuss the perspectives of each group member.

There are numerous examples that demonstrate the importance of capturing the details surrounding the quality issues that are encountered during construction. Non-conformances will occur, and when they do, the solution often leads to unexpected rework. Rework is an important measure of the cost of quality, and equally, provides a way to identify and rectify issues that are at the root of poor quality.

The Construction Industry Institute has conducted extensive research with industry partners over the past two decades to provide a better understanding of how rework can be identified and monitored to support a continuous improvement cycle within a quality management approach.

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