VRCA member companies can apply for targeted relief from Canadian tariffs on certain imports from both U.S. and non-U.S. sources using links found on VRCA’s website.

On Dec. 19, the Government of Canada announced targeted surtax relief on imports of steel and aluminum products for specific companies facing particular circumstances, such as contractual obligations, and on shipments that were in transit from non-U.S. sources before provisional safeguards were imposed.

To help member companies navigate the remission orders, schedules, application processes and forms, VRCA has assembled key links to federal government webpages and documents. The links are accessible on VRCA’s advocacy page dealing with Canadian tariffs and safeguards on steel and aluminum.

Visitors to our advocacy page will also find status updates regarding VRCA’s advocacy efforts on this file. VRCA is supporting the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) efforts to lobby the Government of Canada to implement measures that limit the impact of steel and aluminum tariffs and safeguards on Canada’s construction industry.