VRCA is making it easier for members to promote their products and services to the construction industry by introducing new advertising opportunities.

Members can now advertise in two locations on the VRCA website: the homepage and the VRCA Voice blog. Advertising is now also available in the online Course Descriptions booklet.

VRCA’s homepage is the most-visited page on its website. It is the association’s primary landing page containing information and links about VRCA, its programs, events and services. Advertising on the homepage is a member-exclusive benefit.

The VRCA Voice blog is the most heavily trafficked section on the site. The VRCA Voice is home to posts with news from VRCA and the broader construction industry, along with member news and profiles. Advertising in the blog is available to both member and non-member companies.

VRCA introduced its online Course Descriptions booklet in early 2019. This new digital publication contains outlines of VRCA’s current educational and professional development offerings, including classroom and online courses. Both members and non-members can advertise in the Course Description booklet.

VRCA is continuing to offer advertising in the weekly Connector e-newsletter and the monthly Education Alert.

Download VRCA’s Advertising Guide to learn more about how your company can reach VRCA’s more than 750 member companies and the 4,500 men and women working in the Lower Mainland’s industrial, commercial, institutional and high-rise residential construction industry who subscribe to VRCA newsletters and information.