Our members have told us that the skilled labour shortage is the No. 1 issue that keeps them awake at night. With the most-recent BuildForce Canada forecast suggesting the Lower Mainland will experience a skilled labour shortage of approximately 12,100 positions over the next three years, we understand our members’ concern.

For that reason, we have launched a skilled labour shortage advocacy page containing industry data, tools and resources that help our members navigate the skilled labour shortage.

There is no single solution to the skilled labour shortage. It requires a collaborative and multi-pronged approach.

In order to centralize relevant resources available through VRCA and its partners, we have developed a Top 10 list of resources. This list is presented as a pipeline of resources that extends from understanding current labour market data, to the value of becoming an Employer of Choice, to the power of education, to being familiar with the mechanisms to recruit individuals from overseas.

Our Top 10 list will be updated as we develop and access new resources, and will be presented in the context of the pipeline referenced above so that you can easily locate what you need.