Our Compulsory Skilled Trades Certification Town Hall gave VRCA members the opportunity to share their voice and hear the input of others. We thank all who attended and are happy to share the recorded session here. Thanks to Chris Atchison, BCCA President, for his presentation and for answering members’ questions. His PowerPoint presentation is available here.

Register for More Opportunities to Engage

Throughout the month of July, multiple Skilled Trades Certification engagement opportunities will be held across the province. These two-hour evening sessions are hosted virtually by third-party facilitators. Included are public roundtable discussions led by a panel of trades experts, followed by a series of Indigenous-focused community dialogues.

Engagement sessions are designed to solicit ideas and opinions that will help government better understand and respond to the diverse needs and perspectives of apprentices, workers, and employers during the transition to Skilled Trades Certification.

For more information and to register: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/skilledtrades/

What is Skilled Trades Certification?

Workers in select trades will need to be certified or register as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) to be legally able to work in that trade. Learn more here.

The 10 Trades Under First Consideration:

Why These Trades?

  • High demand
  • High skill
  • Likelihood of need on large public projects
  • Vulnerable to economic shifts
  • High public safety expectation
  • High public quality expectation

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