Inoculation will protect industry from seasonal flu and keep work sites active

As our province continues to contend with the COVID-19 Pandemic, British Columbia’s construction industry has shown resilience and responsibility, allowing BC’s construction sites to remain open and safe.

To further display a commitment to a healthy workforce, the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), Northern Regional Construction Association (NRCA), Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA), and the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) have teamed up with BC Construction Association Employee Benefit Trust (BCCA EBT) to ensure that construction workers are protected from the seasonal flu.

Inspired by the B.C. Construction Association’s Fast Lane COVID-19 vaccine program, the seasonal flu-shot campaign will provide anyone working in the construction industry with an opportunity to receive this year’s flu vaccine via an in-person clinic or voucher.

“The construction industry has shown dedication to health and safety, limiting the spread of COVID-19 on worksites, allowing the construction of essential infrastructure to continue without delay.” said Arthur Chung, CEO of the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust. “Heading into the winter months, we want to keep our workers safe, and sites open, free of both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. Providing an opportunity to get the flu shot will only bolster our efforts for a healthy and safe work environment.”

On average, influenza lasts up to 7 days — equivalent to $1500/person in productivity loss. Additionally, a person who catches the flu is also at risk of other infections, including viral or bacterial pneumonia. Compounding this with the possibility of a COVID-19 inflection — there is a serious need to ensure that everyone is vaccinated against influenza this winter.

Construction workers who wish to participate in this year’s #IndustryImmunityWeek may visit for more information on how they can receive their complimentary flu shot.