VRCA recognizes the current challenges and market conditions its members are facing and understands that a clear plan and an engaged, high-performing, stable workforce is essential to a company’s resilience and success.

To help prepare its members for these challenges, VRCA has partnered with Results, an advisory team that helps companies achieve their strategic goals and unleash their full potential within the marketplace. VRCA members are eligible for a complimentary Business Execution Workshop, valued at $3,000, to assess specific facets of your organization and provide you with an action roster of prioritized items for improvement.

The process is simple:

  1. Results sends each member of your senior leadership team a survey to assess your company’s culture, purpose, core values, and more.
  2. The data gathered is then analyzed by Results and is anonymously presented to the team before establishing specific areas of opportunity.
  3. Your company’s survey results will be measured against five critical areas of effective business execution (Vision and Culture, Strategy, Talent, Process, and Leadership) during an interactive team discussion, where everyone’s voice is heard.
  4. At the end of the session, the team is presented with an action roster of priorities based on feedback collected during the session.

This roster will help your company identify what you are excelling at and where you can improve, and will give your team a highly valuable set of strategic priorities to work towards.

Results has an extensive clientele of companies in the construction industry or in construction-related fields, and will work with your leadership team to directly assess and predict future growth in revenue, profitability, market share, and overall performance. This complimentary half-day workshop will be tailored to your company’s specific business needs and your personal facilitator will share their years of business experience to help you take your company from good to great.

Great companies perform based on a shared vision, effective processes, and high levels of accountability. When leaders put these structures in place, it frees them from being reactionary and allows them to be strategic.

People today are working for more than a pay cheque. They want to work with a company where they feel they fit with the culture, are treated fairly, are developing their careers and are part of a shared and meaningful purpose.

A clear business strategy helps identify your ideal target customer, when to say “no” and how to optimize the workforce to deliver with excellence every time and therefore build your company’s brand in the marketplace.
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Our family-owned company has a 97-years history and we wanted to engage our team in a planning and accountability process in order to take our business to the next level. The team at Results helped us put in place a strong foundation, articulate our values and purpose and build a strong culture. As a result, our business has grown 350% since 2012, despite challenging market conditions in B.C. and Alberta.

Sean Rayner, President and CEO, VETS Facility Services