The Canadian Design Build Institute (CDBI) Trade Contractors committee has developed a new guide for the transportation and infrastructure sector that is now available in the VRCA store.

The transportation sector brings together a number of professional design and construction disciplines in various fields of expertise such as transit, roads, rail, tunnels, bridges, highways, airports, and ports.

There are several key elements common to transportation projects that uniquely impact on CDBI’s best practices. These project elements impact project conceptualization and design, the design-build procurement process and the post-award project results.

Entitled Guide 2004 – Cdn Design Build Practice Manual – Document 110 A Guide to the Transportation & Infrastructure Sector, this guide will discuss three primary sections:

  1. Procurement
  2. Design-Build Services Contract
  3. Project execution

In making these choices, it is critical for an owner to consider the particulars and circumstances of each project. After thoroughly considering these issues, an owner should make a strategic decision to take full advantage of the many benefits inherent in the design-build process.

The information contained in Document 110 is intended for use with the Canadian Design- Build Institute documents published by the CDBI. The best practices and additional considerations contained in the guide are specific to the transportation infrastructure sector.

The guide is available in the VRCA store and can purchased separately or as part of the Canadian Design Build Institute Practice Manual.