• Champion the image and profile of the construction industry.
  • Provide diverse and exciting opportunities for meaningful connection.

  • Elevate our understanding of members.
  • Deliver effective member engagement and communications.

  • Advocate at the regional level for member priorities.
  • Support partners, associations, and affiliates in their advocacy work.

  • Provide impactful education to our members and the industry.
  • Assist members in navigating industry and societal change.

  • Develop long-term plans for our assets and facilities.
  • Ensure we have the financial and human capacity to do the work.

Connecting people,
Creating opportunities


    Your foundation for a strong industry.


    We support and connect our members in the construction industry through advocacy, facilitation, and education.


    We are responsible to our members.
    We demonstrate industry leadership.
    We are adaptable and innovative.
    We foster inclusion and meaningful relationships.
    We are fair, open, and transparent.